Aircraft Altitude Plot

I made this Mathematica notebook a few days ago and thought it would suit this blog well. It’s a ListLinePlot of the ceiling operational altitudes of the AircraftData sample entities.

aircraft altitudes plot

Layers of the atmosphere are displayed as translucent filled blocks with solid line tops. Aircraft altitudes are displayed as labeled dashed line.

On first glance the code might seem a bit long for this sort of task, (at least in the Wolfram Language) but most of it is just getting the plot to display correctly, since visualizing layers isn’t really what ListLinePlot is designed to do. However, it speaks to the flexibility of Mathematica given a little ingenuity and seven hours in the car.

The plot is completely flexible. You could input any arbitrary set of altitude layers or aircraft altitudes (or both) and the plot will display only the layers that overlap the aircraft.

I dare you to find another language that will do this in anywhere near 17 lines.

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