I cobbled together a nw.js-based Mac app version of the DogeWeather site by Katia Eirin and Bennet Wong. It’s mostly just the (open source) code of their site, but I did make a few modifications. Instead of calling custom server-side code to resolve the weather, the app directly calls the OpenWeatherMap API. There are also a few UI changes, like a loading screen to support slow connections. Overall, though, it’s mostly their work.

Click below to go to the app’s page on the Mac App Store.




Properly configuring nw.js to be code-signable was a bit difficult, as it wasn’t designed for distribution through Apple channels. If there’s interest I could publish another post on the technical side of things.

2 thoughts on “DogeWeather

  1. Hello!

    Great site!

    I noticed the image for Dogeweather is very similar to a meme I often see on You will see the image in response to an article, usually as a jif with wonderfully awkward/mis-phrased mini-comments such as ‘Very Sport!’ ‘Absolutely Food!’ ‘Score Run!’ ‘Totally Article!’ ‘So Internet!’ I am not sure how the meme originated or how it is shared but it always cracks me up when I see it in Buzzfeed user comments. Does this ring a bell? ‘So Jesse!’

  2. On a totally unrelated matter – here is my $-making idea for the day for you free of charge. Many many YT videos start with add content. Many of the subscribers are from TV where they ply their latest episodes of whatever TV series they are trying/paying to promote. Some of these promos say, “Skip in 2 seconds/Skip in 5 seconds’ while others force you to watch the entire commercial. What if we embedded a link within these promos – in addition to the usual ‘Like us on Facebook,’ Connect to the website for this TV show,’ FB, Instagram, whatever links – a button that, when clicked would automatically add that program to the person’s TiVo or Recordable DVR account using their credentials and BlueTooth? I think the TV people would pay YouTube/Google that much more in revenue if YouTube/Google made such a program viable. To make it even more insidious they could even hide this ‘button’ inside the ‘Skip to video’ link – the viewer thinks they are skipping the promo-content to the YouTube video they want to see but they unwittingly just added that TV program to their TiVo. I would NOT put this awful idea past the advertising psyche – they are just short of pathological. But maybe offering a less-invasive program – ie ‘Add this to my DVR…’ Hard to say if it would sell as most smart and advanced tech-folk do not even know what a TV or a DVR is anymore. Everything is HULU and Netflix.

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