Hydrogen Infographic

This infographic was designed for a school project. Click the image for more information.
Full Hydrogen Infographic

Noah Anninger Photography

Noah Anninger Photography Screenshot


I made this site for a friend who happens to be an amateur photographer. The frontend is Zurb Foundation, the backend is custom Node.JS with Express, and it’s all hosted on Parse. The backend code retrieves a listing of photos from a Parse database and populates every image section of the site with them. This makes adding a photo as easy as deploying it to Parse and adding an entry to the database.

Since the photo files are so large, the site is integrated with Amazon CloudFront CDN to speed up file delivery around the world.

Header fonts are from Typekit.

Mercy Neighborhood Ministries

Mercy Neighbors Screenshot


At Philly GiveCamp 2015 I was a member of a small group renovating the website of Mercy Neighborhood Ministries, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the community. The site is built on WordPress, and during the GiveCamp weekend we changed the theme to Outreach by StudioPress, completely changed the look and feel of the home page, and made the site altogether more modern.

Mercy also attended the subsequent 2016 event, where our group performed tune-ups, added new content, and improved SEO and social presence.

Jesse Friedman

This is the site you’re looking at right now! Wow! Inception!


This site is powered by WordPress, with the amazing Frank theme by PanKogut, because I suck at CSS.