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Wolfram Mathematica is a very high-level symbolic programming language designed for mathematical and scientific use, but it also has numerous applications in more everyday fields. Its concise syntax and huge library of built-in functions makes it ideal for data pipeline and processing use.

I will set up Mathematica for you, either on a private server or on the Wolfram Development Platform, write a program or set of programs to accomplish the processing you need, and get it fully integrated with your preexisting systems.


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Does your site protect critical user data? Does it not? It doesn’t matter! All sites should have good security, and you’d be surprised at how often one can find vulnerabilities in sites run by large corporations. I test for a bank of major vulnerabilities, and if there’s a specific area you’re worried about, I’ll do manual request/response analysis to look for anything that needs patching! Additionally, I can look for exploitable areas in desktop and mobile apps that communicate to servers. Developers often forget to secure app endpoints!


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I offer full-featured web development tailored to your requirements. From a static single-page site, to a WordPress blog or business portfolio, to a full dynamic site with a custom backend with Node.JSExpress, and/or the Parse Framework, I’ll do my best to meet your needs!