These are projects that I made of my own accord, usually a lot smaller than those in my main portfolio. Many are open source, fork away!


TweeShirt – automatically generated t-shirts with tweets on them

SnapCap – extracts and decrypts Snapchat stories from an API response log

Radio Astley – transmits the chorus from Never Gonna Give You Up as a list of SSIDs from a Colubris MAP-320 access point

pwngetty – extracts images from Getty Images embed code

socket-rickroll – synchronous rickrolling system

Audiophiles – Chrome extension that replaces the text ‘audiophile’ with ‘deluded tool with too much money’. Inspired by this tweet.

DogeWeather for Mac desktop version of dogeweather.com 

electionsapi API access to federal election data

Java IoT coffeemaker

Aerial – Controlled display of Apple TV Aerial screensavers

Source code for closed-source projects available upon request.

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