Radio Astley

While messing around with a Colubris MAP-320 access point, I made this:

radio astley screenshot

I thought I’d post the config file so others who have the equipment can do the same.

Here it is: radioastley.cfg

Once loaded it should start broadcasting the lyric SSIDs immediately, but if you need to change anything, the admin username and password are rick and nevergonna, respectively. The password for all of the public SSIDs is rickastley, and there’s a hidden SSID called rick (no password) for management. I haven’t tested it yet, but it should properly route traffic to ethernet port 1 if you want to connect it to a LAN.

Here’s a guide to setting up the MAP-320, and here’s a video tutorial on loading my configuration file.

This probably isn’t a particularly innovative or efficient use of an access point, but MAP-320s were widely in use a decade ago, and should be easy to find being disposed of by companies and on eBay.

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  1. I don’t quite understand this. It’s because I am not good at computers. Not like you, Jesse 🙂

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