Sorry, Scientific American.

If you found your way here through a link to, I suggest you search for some legal copies of the Amateur Scientist material. Here’s one I found.

Or even better, buy it yourself.

Several years ago, I put up a copy of The Scientific American’s Amateur Scientist CD-ROM on my personal domain in blatant violation of copyright. I intended this solely for my use, and I assumed it would be unreachable, as no other sites linked to it and I didn’t think my sitemap.xml listed it. But about half an hour ago I discovered (through a regularly scheduled vanity search) that, through some means or another, dozens of people found and linked to pages in this archive.


I have no doubt that if I had advertised that this mirror existed I would be writing this post after receiving a strongly worded DMCA takedown notice from the legal department at Scientific American. Fortunately the damage seems minimal. Within minutes of discovering the links, I had modified my site’s .htaccess to redirect to this post, which I am now writing. I don’t expect any legal repercussions, since it is now impossible to access my archive without a tool like the Wayback Machine. This post exists to explain the redirection to anyone who might happen upon the old links, and as a reminder: Nothing on the Internet is really hidden.

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